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How to Stay Cool When It's So Hot You Want to Die

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Dont you feel cooler just looking at this?
  • Don't you feel cooler just looking at this?

The Woods

Look, I get it. It's hot. You don't necessarily want to be outside. But maybe being inside is worse, because maybe you don't have an air-conditioner or even a fan. Well, this is where you need to turn to nature. Nature? Isn't that what you came to Brooklyn to escape? Maybe. But get over it during this one time of year, because if you seek out the cover of Brooklyn's trees, you'll find yourself naturally cooled. The best place to do this is Prospect Park, which might be known for its Googa Mooga-ruined, wide open expanse dubbed the Nethermead, but which also has several heavily wooded and shady spots like the Vale of Cashmere. Yes, that's right. There is a part of Prospect Park called the Vale of Cashmere. This is very reminiscent of when George Costanza wanted to spend the whole summer of George draped in velvet. Reminiscent, but different. Anyway, this part of the park is relatively unexplored (and totally free to access, unlike the Brooklyn Botanic Garden) and so you can spend a quiet afternoon there, listening to the birds and communing with nature before venturing back out into the heat of the city.

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