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A Complete Guide to What to Do In New York Over 4th of July Weekend

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The barge makes its way to the Bronx.
  • Todd Heisler c/o The New York Times
  • The barge makes its way to the Bronx.

Bronx Barge Floating Pool
So last week, I did a round-up of the best public pools in Brooklyn. And, by all means, you should go to each and every one of those! But also, go to this floating pool in the South Bronx, which has all the amenities of a regular pool (seven lanes to swim in, locker rooms, pool deck) but also has a gangplank to lead you from land to pool—because it's on a barge. You'll also get a view of the New York skyline that you might not be familiar with if you don't make it up to the Bronx that often, so you'll feel kind of like you're in bizarro world as compared to the typical Brooklyn view. And while you're in the South Bronx, maybe go take in a Yankees game, because they're at home playing the Orioles. Oh, you hate the Yankees? And tickets are insanely expensive? Cool. Don't go to a game. I don't blame you. Just enjoy the pool. The free, free pool.

Floating Pool; Barretto Point Park at Tiffany Street and Viele Avenue, Hunt's Point

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