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UPDATE: Coney Island's Astrotower Deemed Unsafe, Now Being Demolished

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Astrotower, Coney Island
  • Goodbye, Astrotower.

Just two days after our own Henry Stewart reported on the swaying Coney Island Astrotower (and was quoted in the New York Times as a "magazine editor" with no mention of what magazine exactly, but whatever), comes the report that the city has deemed the Astrotower unsafe and began dismantling it late last night.

After the panic at Coney Island the other day—which led to the entire amusement park being shut down and evacuated—defenders of the Astrotower pointed out that, much like all tall structures, the Astrotower had always swayed in the breeze, and that it was in fact designed to do so. Henry Stewart, demonstrating how levelheaded he is in an emergency, recalled thinking, "If it made it through Sandy, surely it can survive a breezy day."

Officials from the Department of Buildings decided to check out the tower's stability anyway, perhaps fearing that the foundation of the tower had been effected by Sandy, even if the structure itself still stood. What they found on Wednesday was worrisome enough that the city decided to immediately begin demolishing the tower, and crews arrived late last night.

Although the tower is currently being dismantled, it should not affect either the hot dog eating contest, or tonight's fireworks. RIP Astrotower, you big rust-covered, phallic wonder. RIP.

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