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10 of Brooklyn's Most Beloved TV and Movie Locations

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Coming Soon: The Thunderbolt, Annie Hall
Alright, so this one technically isn't around yet. As of now, if you try to visit the Thunderbolt (and the little house underneath) that were so memorably featured in Annie Hall, you'll find an empty lot, courtesy of Rudy Giuliani, who tore the whole thing down in 2000. Terrible. But also, fixable, thanks to roller coaster tycoon Valerio Ferrari, who last month announced plans for a $10 million reboot of the classic roller coaster. Not quite the same as the original, but definitely an improvement on a vacant lot. It'll be a little while before the whole thing gets off the ground, but in the meantime, we can all rest easy in the knowledge that another classic Woody Allen location, the Radio Days house, is still standing as-is down in Rockaway Park. Not everything gets paved over.

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