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10 Perfect Things to Do This Fall If You Are Single and Completely Alone

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She only looks unhappy because she forgot to bring a book.
  • She only looks unhappy because she forgot to bring a book.

Drinking Alone In a Bar
And finally, my favorite thing to do when I'm completely alone. It's strange, because while eating in a restaurant by myself never feels quite natural to me, drinking in a bar when I'm alone is always just fine. More than fine, even. I love it. I love sitting at a bar and ordering something whiskey-based probably and reading a book and scribbling marginalia that gets progressively more ridiculous as the evening goes on, because I'm ridiculous because I'm drunk, but that's ok because drunk marginalia is amazing, as opposed to drunk texting, which is the worst. Plus, when you're alone at a bar, you can eavesdrop on other people's conversations, which is fun. And you are also somewhat likely to meet someone, and then you won't be very alone at all. What bar should you go to? That's a hard one. So much depends on your mood at the time. Right now, I'm liking South or the Brooklyn Inn—neighborhood bars where you're still guaranteed a great drink, and maybe, if you want it, some good conversation. Or maybe you don't want it? Maybe you like being alone. You know what? That's fine too. Just fine.

Brooklyn Inn; 148 Hoyt Street, Boerum Hill
South; 629 5th Avenue, Park Slope
A List of Bars and Books to Read In Them

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