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10 Perfect Things to Do This Fall If You Are Single and Completely Alone

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Sadly, Carl Jung as played by Michael Fassbender will not be teaching the class.
  • Sadly, Carl Jung as played by Michael Fassbender will not be teaching the class.

Dream Analysis at PioneerWorks
One thing that you would never want to do with another person is talk about your dreams, because you would bore that other person so quickly that you'd be alone again in no time. Which is a shame! Because dream analysis is fascinating and is an interesting window into a person's psyche and is, at its best, a revelatory look inside a person's subconscious. And since it's so intimate, it's best to do it alone. Well, not alone. In a class! Of strangers! Yes, it's best to reveal intimate things in front of strangers, for sure. Plus, this class (and many other super interesting offerings) is put on at Pioneer Works, an awe-inspiring art space housed in a Civil War-era factory in Red Hook. Go to analyze your dreams, stay to look at the gallery space, linger for as long as you need...Red Hook is cold and bracing and beautiful in the fall, especially when you're alone.

Dream Analysis; December 8, 2-4pm
159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook

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