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10 Perfect Things to Do This Fall If You Are Single and Completely Alone

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Gus, the polar bear
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  • Gus, the polar bear

Visit the Central Park Zoo
Last month, Gus the polar bear passed away. In case you weren't familiar with Gus, he was a long-term resident of the Central Park Zoo, a neurotic, OCD polar bear who lived to the ripe, old age of 27, having outlived his two beloved female companions, Ida and Lily. Man, I just anthropomorphized the hell out of that dead polar bear, but, you know, that's what we humans tend to do. So, go to the zoo and look at the animals, stuck in their small enclosures, and then look at the empty polar bear holding area. Think to yourself that no matter how alone you are, at least you're not trapped in a small enclosure for the rest of your natural life. Or, well. I guess I don't really know how big your apartment is. Anyway, this is a kind of depressing activity, but it's always good to have a depressing activity to do when you're single and alone. It reminds you that you can still feel things, and that's helpful, I think.

Central Park Zoo; Central Park, 830 5th Avenue, Manhattan

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