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ARIESMar 20 — Apr 19
There is a poem by Borges in which the old writer mentions the joy of encountering an unexpected etymology, a joy that I too feel, each and every day. You see Aries, reading the stars is like learning a new word all the time, in an alphabet that’s always changing. I’ve got one for you: “ezzerallienescent,” the love of a corner booth in the changing light. Do we understand each other?
APR 20 — MAY 20
Snakes in your boots? Moons in your buckets? What’s the skinny Taurus? You’ve had a sly-sly grin for the past little while… Are you — dare I say it — happy? It’s been a rocky road for many this past dark month, but you’ve taken all the bumps and turned them into delicious morsels of total goodness. Are you a dark wizard of transubstantiation? Does your power come at a price? Yes.
MAY 21 — JUNE 20
Some people still seem to think that if you’re dreaming about falling and you don’t wake up before you hit the ground, you’ll die. Sounds crazy, but it just might be true. Or wait, maybe we’ve all died and this is Heaven? Or Hell? Or are we all having the same metaphysical crisis, the one we choose to call “life”? Gemini, I can’t explain it, but I know it’s gonna be all right for you.
JUNE 21 — JULY 22
Yes, Cancer, it is possible to love two people at the same time. Love is not a concept that allows for the idea of “limitation” — it is an endless source, flowing forever to the sea of the Other. Which totally means you shouldn’t feel too guilty about that wicked crush you’re cultivating at Pilates class. C’mon, you’re only human, and nothing’s going to happen — or is it? (It might.)
JULY 23 — AUG 22
“The steam pushes it forward” is not an acceptable answer to the question, “How do steam trains work?” Yet you insist, Leo, on not really thinking about the problems put to you — terrible! Try the following: for the entire week, whenever anybody asks you a question, discard the first thing that comes to mind and after five minutes, respond. If anyone’s still there, they’re sure to like the answer.
AUG 23 — SEP 22
Nepotism is made to sound like a dirty word, when it’s really just a basic bio-evolutional imperative. Seriously, even in the world of the astrology guilds of Lappland (from whence my knowledge derives) it all depends on who you know. So I find it a little self-important of you Virgo, to ignore all the help at your disposal from those who know and like you. Just take it, will you?
SEP 23 — OCT 22
The second half of the first decade of the 21st century. Wow. Oh-six. Libra, this is your year, dog! Your annus magnificat awaits! But for all of it to come to fruition, you have to abstain from the following things: any film starring a Sutherland (Kiefer or Donald), white rum, racquetball, fantasy novels by Lloyd Alexander, and finally, tapioca. It won’t be easy to go without, but it’ll be worth it.
OCT 23 — NOV 21
There will always be problems. There will always be something better around the corner/across the fence/down the road. There will always be gravity. There will always be gravy. There will always be the ineluctable pull of the unknown. But you know what else there will always be Scorpio? Another chance, another morning, another pretty streetlight reflected in a Midtown puddle. Chin up.
NOV 22 — DEC 21
Making your own clothes from scratch may sound like a charming opportunity to get in touch with your material world, but really Sagittarius, unless you have the free time of a trustfunder, you’ll go nuts trying to knit a simple girdle. I really think these kinds of undertakings are inauthentic and a waste of time. Why don’t you focus on the one thing you really, truly love to do? Bowling! (Dad?)
DEC 22 — JAN 19
This is your time of the year, Cappy. When the snow is crisp and even beneath your feet, and the frozen midnight crunch of ice echoes between the tenements. Everything is still and quiet. The bugs and smells are all asleep, waiting for the hot stench of summer. The wind makes speeches around city corners, that only you can understand. Hey, you should totally move to Reykjavik!
JAN 20 — FEB 18
The Age of Aquarius hasn’t exactly turned out to be gangbusters, has it? Sorry kid, them’s the breaks — but then again, you should be relieved by this. It’s like the first-born son with all the family hopes on his shoulders who eventually cracks and starts synthesizing opiates from boiled-down fashion magazines. The pressure’s off now, you don’t need to be the best. Time to have fun failing.
FEB 19 — MAR 20
I thought we were pals Pisces? What happened to all the note-passing and eye-winking and hallway high-fiving? And when you tell me you’re “busy for the next few months,” it really hurts me. And so what if this horoscope is more about me than you? In 2006, it wouldn’t kill you to try listening to the problems of others. Be a reliable shoulder for once, you might even like it.


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