Thursday, July 15, 2010

Next SummerScreen: Romeo + Juliet, the One with Leo In It

Posted on Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 3:16 PM

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Yo, we real sorry about having to cancel SummerScreen yesterday, but there’s nothing worse than rain getting in your beer and all over Light Asylum’s synth machines. Well, maybe rain on a giant projection of David Bowie’s face is worse, but now we’ll never have to know will we.

But fear not, noble knaves and bards! Though Labyrinth has been rescheduled to August 18, we will be back at McCarren Park Ballfields (N 12th and Bedford) next week on July 21 with a free viewing of Romeo + Juliet. Remember how cute Leo was? Want to remember again? Thought so!

Before the viewing, there will be a feast of earthen fruits from Pizza Moto, Asia Dogs, People's Pops, San Loco, and more, plus ambrosia from Sixpoint beer Come at 6:15 to catch free live performances from handpicked bands from Free Williamsburg; Hank & The Cupcakes and Noun.

Feel free to wear some wings, some armor, or buy a pill from the actor who played Michael in Lost that will make Williamsburg look like a Baz Luhrman movie. See you there!


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