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It's time again for the Monday feature in which I recommend the best things I did last weekend.

SUMMERTIME DAY TRIP: Watch Hill Beach at Fire Island. It took about an hour to drive down to the ferry ($14 round trip), then a half-hour of ferry, and then we just lay around for six hours eating the food, beer and wine that we brought in. Because of hurricane something or other, the waves were crazy huge. Not in a fun way, in a terrifying way! The one time we tried to go in the water I thought I was going to die. I barely made it past the breaking waves, and on the way back in to shore I got pummeled against the ground, water going in my nose and mouth. Chunks are missing from my knees! The waves were so strong that not only sand but small and medium sized rocks got trapped inside my bikini. When I staggered back to land, there were so many rocks in my bathing suit bottom that it looked like I had shit my pants.

But it was an awesome time. Lots of peaches and mangoes and pears, blue cheese and Iberian ham, rose and Corona, baguettes and anchovies. Very recommended. I love the beach!

HINTERLANDS BAR: Friday night I went to Shenanigans, the Irish bar in Kensington. Nice, generic outdoor space--just a bunch of tables with umbrellas, low lights, and cheap drinks. The indoor area is a little creepy if you're a woman alone, but pretty benign. Just a little leery. But Maker's on the rocks was just $5! Calmly recommended, if you find yourself in Kensington. Nice people there.

PRODUCT: In a moment of yuppie triumph, each member of my beach-going party had independently purchased and brought along a tube of Aveeno sunblock SPF 30. "Is that Aveeno sunblock; I have Aveeno! See, it's right here in my bag!" "Oh my gosh, you guys, I have it too!" "No way! Isn't it great? I love it. What's your SPF?" "SPF 30!" "Ye-es! Me to-oo!"


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