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It's time again for Recommended, the Monday feature in which I recommend the best things I did last weekend. It's easy, there's only two:

The Catskills. In particular, Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel. It's a gorgeous hilly stretch of green fields, trees, and kitchily decorated cabins and repurposed Airstream trailers, overlooking the Esopus Creek, nestled among the mountains. Within the first three minutes of getting there I saw a deer and a bunch of tiny cottontail bunnies, just hopping around. It was like a living fairytale, with a natural saltwater hot tub. Strongly recommended!

The Dark Knight. It was so good that I figured it was one of the best movies of all time, so I looked up the Rotten Tomatoes verdict (94), which led me to wonder what the top film of all time was, and the winner is Toy Story II. The more you know. The movie is recommended.


I've been fighting this for a while now, but the United Artists Cinema on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill is a nightmare. In the past it's been fun--rowdy, energetic--but last night for The Dark Knight it was a fucking circus of idiocy.

First there was some problem where they stopped taking tickets at the gate but continued selling tickets at the box office, so this dense, anxious, sweaty crowd jammed up the doors and spilled out onto the street, all of our sweaty fronts pressed into the gross, sweaty backs of the people ahead--definitely some kind of fire or stampede hazard. Then one of our seats was broken, but we had to sit in it anyway. Then the two women next to us were talking, yelling, and fielding headset phone calls--and the woman next to me was listening to her crazy loud iPod throughout the previews. Because that's what you do at the movies, turn up your music. When the previews finished, she turned off her iPod, but her friend continued to conduct animated phone calls. "Wait, what? You're where? Wait, what? Hahahaha. What!? I'm in a movie." And then one of the women asked me for my ticket stub, which I gave her because whatever. Then she left the movie and came back 15 minutes later with a few children, who they put in the aisles or on their laps, and they all talked, laughed, and yelled at each other. It was like a joke, or some kind of hidden camera show. And one of them cracked all her knuckles and sub-knuckles every half hour or so. It was really kind of amazing. Unrecommended. Good job, Court Street UA. You turned me into a cranky grandmother. Hey you, be quiet! You're being too loud! It's too loud! I can't hear! What? I can't hear what they said.

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