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Street Stories NYC: "You can have children through the Holy Ghost without fornication"

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This is contributor Jessica Hall's weekly column, in which she interviews the homeless and street people she meets around the city. This week she spoke with Michelle Fabius, 60, whom Jessica had run into twice before.

Remember you said I could interview you if we met again? I think it's unusual that I'm seeing you again. You really get around.

Yes. I walk all day. I have nothing else to do.

Yesterday was my birthday but I didn't know it. I would not have been here today, but I was resuscitated in the womb. I was an embryo and I almost died. It took me a long time to discover this. I had to do a lot of walking to understand this.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Port Au Prince, Haiti, until the age of 16. I came here first through the associated state of Puerto Rico. It was 1966 and I had a green card the US had given me, and I studied in Puerto Rico two years, then I studied as a bi-lingual secretary. Spanish and English. I also spoke French, but when I came here I had to learn English more properly.

Tell me about when you first met the Holy Spirit (she had mentioned this on our first meeting).

I met with the Holy Spirit--he came down over my house. I was living in the Poconos, in Pennsylvania. I was 45 or 46, I can't remember. I was married to a man; I had three kids with him. I spent 25 years with him.

Where is he now?

Now? He's in, I don't know, I think I heard…he died from… God's spirit gave me the message. One of my sons came and told me in spirit.

I used to have two sons and one daughter. You know, I went to the house where they lived but they were gone. I called the police to find out they had left the house. God's spirit told me they had died. He explained something to me: it was that we had a gas heater and someone came, a wicked spirit, and opened the gas and something killed them all.

And you weren't living with them at the time?

No. I left. I was divorced by the age of 45.

I'm very sorry. How old were your children when they died?

They were still very young. And then I went to Haiti. The children were living with their father. My ex-husband and his "Columbus," his real wife. I was very happy for him.

What does that mean, "Columbus"?

Because the Virgin Mary made this woman his real wife—she was Italian. The truth is I didn't know much about Columbus till much later in life. I thought I was the wife of a white man, but he was a black man.

How could you not notice that he was black?

Ha, ha, ha. If only I knew him—I wish I knew him like you know yourself. The Virgin Mary told me it is his real wife. His Columbus. Your senses don't know everything, that's why you need the spirits.

What did you do when you went back to Haiti?

Christ's spirit traveled with me to Haiti, but it's a long story.

How did you know he was with you?

Know? I knew he was with me when I saw him like I see you sitting here.

But what did he look like?

Different. He seemed to be the one who is attached to Saint Toussaint L'Ouverture. He's an African national hero of Haiti. His Christ spirit from Haiti came down.

Did he look like a man?

Not like some of the images, but you would recognize him. He spoke to me and I asked him, "Christ, I committed a sin with the man I'm living with. I don't know the name of the fault." And he said to me, "The name of the sin is fornication."

Didn't you know you had to fornicate to bear your children?

Why are you saying that? It's a mis-concept. You can have children through the Holy Ghost without fornication, without sexuality, without your Columbus. Let me tell you--I went to Haiti with the spirit of Christ. Christ met with some of the nuns and priests of Haiti and families that knew Christ and they were very happy to receive his spirit.

I went to my old family to live with them. We had a bad time. The law of abortion, this is prohibited. Spiritually they have stolen the beautiful things, the American people.

It wasn't easy for us, and we came back here. They tried to shoot me a few times, some of the rebels and the spirit as well. I came back alone with Christ's spirit. Since then I tried to settle down again here, but the wicked spirit from the family I was from was following me, they're not my real family, please don't get confused. I didn't know that when I came here—they didn't let me go see the other relatives. Anyway, I didn't want to endanger their lives with the wicked spirit.

Isn't there some way you can get rid of this wicked spirit?

I went to a few shelters, but they (the wicked spirits) wanted to play in the boiler room inside the shelter, so they asked me out. The police came and told me not to come back.

The war is raging in the dimension of the spirit. Maneuvering our dimensional bodies as well as our spiritual bodies.

I'm with Christ's spirit, who's a strong spirit and takes care of things.

Are those all your belongings in that bag?

Yes, why not?

Where do you sleep?

Outside of course.

What do you do in the winter?

I don't want to remember the winter. Now I wish I had a place to go in the winter. I don't think I can hope for much unless I die next winter, which I don't mind. It may be my destiny to die in the street. Some people have a good hold on life. I have pretty good resistance, but I don't want to go past the part where I'm supposed to meet my destiny.

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