Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Power Struggles: Editrixes, Shows, Magazines and Shoes

Posted By on Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 2:30 PM


By now you either already know all the minute and thrilling details about the Nina Garcia-Elle-Anne Slowey-Project-Runway-Marie-Claire frenemy jousting match, or you just don't give a fuck, because you don't. Or, because hooray, the world isn't getting sucked into a black hole. Yet!

Either way, there's cause for rejoicing, indeed, although today is Garcia's day to do a little happy dance of self-congratulation in particular. Maybe she and Heidi will dress up in elaborate tutus made out of corn husks designed by Austin Scarlett and frolic on Park Ave. the next time they shut it down for pedestrians and bikers. Oh, what a glorious fall welcome that would be!

It's not likely Nina will have much time for that, though, unless she wants it filmed as part of her new Style network show Running in Heels, set to chronicle the lives of fashion editors at Marie Claire. Slowey and Zee are all, whatevs! We've got Stylista! And considering the CW program (starring Slowely-as-Miranda-Priestly) is more of a striving reality cartoon than an actual attempt to document the behind-the-scenes, I'm thinking that Nina has scored a draw on this round. But she hasn't quite cleared victory:

Lauren Ruotolo, director-entertainment and promotions at Hearst, said the show is designed to show the actual lives of the women who struggle to balance the demands of work, home and family life. "We want to tell the true story of women working in fashion," she said. "It will reveal what real life is like behind the shimmery curtain."

Of course, they'll be required to sugar-coat anything lurking past the "shimmery curtain" for us clueless, glamor-starved fashion lay-people, and, well, that's to be expected, particularly for Marie Claire. My only quibble so far: Running in Heels? Nina, relax. In heels, one totters, attempts to stroll, to amble with a forced air of leisure, or, on a rare occasion, to stride. But you really can't effectively SPRINT in the modern version of the chopine. If you can, I would like to see it, please, and request that you plan to challenge Michael Kors to a 5-K race through the Hearst hallways to kick-off your new baby's premiere. Wearing one of these.


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