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631c/1243613473-bear.jpgI don't usually do this kind of thing because, you know, you have access to all the same listings I do, but after our film department started telling you to spend your whole weekend in a dark movie theater, I figured I'd remind you that you could instead spend your whole weekend in dark music venues, where, it should be noted, you can also get drunk and stare at/talk to attractive girls/boys. Conveniently, there's a crazy amount of good live music to be seen in the next 48 hours.


Tyvek: Of all the bands currently doing the lo-fi pop thing, Tyvek are possibly the best, probably because their songs are good enough that you'll forget to complain that the lo-fi thing is an overly precious aesthetic choice that's grown outdated because of the ubiquity of affordable recording options. Bruar Falls, $7

Black Hollies, Chris Mills, La Strada: Three longtime L Magazine favorites share a stage tonight. The Hollies bring their wildly stylized 60s psych-rock, Mills his consistently underrated, beautifully arranged pop gems that could just as easily work with no accompaniment whatsoever, and La Strada their glorious, accordion-heavy folk songs. The Bell House, $10

Grizzly Bear: God, I can't think of anything better than getting to watch a full Grizzly Bear set prominently featuring songs from their ridiculous new record while sitting down in a comfortable chair. Town Hall, SOLD OUT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.


The Drums: I told you about these guys the other day, right after these guys told me about them, and I urge you not to sleep on them. Union Hall, $10

Screming Females: I don't know too much about these New Brunswick punks, but this NY Mag feature has piqued my interest and reminded me of something I forgot about a long time ago: From the Bouncing Souls to Lifetime, to many other smaller bands, the Jerz has always been a breeding ground for outstanding punk bands. Far better than stupid Long Island, where I'm from, anyway. Maxwell's, $8.

They Might Be Giants: Last night, I watched the Spelling Bee finals, which were on network television for the first time ever, and one of the last few kids left had They Might Be Giants listed as his favorite band. He didn't move his arms when he walked, and it was super weird, but he'll figure it out eventually. Or he won't, and he'll just keep going to They Might Be Giants shows well into adulthood. (le) poisson rouge, $28

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