Monday, May 24, 2010

Job Advice for Recent College Graduates: Run Away

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just go
This NY Post article, a compendium of job advice for recent college grads from "professionals," features such Polonian verities as "Take what you can get," "Don’t shun nepotism" and "Keep your mouth shut." Yup, that it is what your future holds, recent college graduate! But wait! I have some advice, too...

Run away. Get as far away from where you are as possible. Do whatever it takes to throw yourself into a completely different environment. Go where you don't speak the language, where you'll stick out like a sore thumb. Even if you have to wash dishes in the back of a Sicilian trattoria, get the fuck out.

Because this is it. This is your last chance to see the world; your last chance to revel in the uncertainty of not really knowing where you're going to be in a month. Sure, you might be able to travel freely in 20 years, if you get lucky with your career and play all your cards right, but it'll never be so easy as it is now, when your courage is high and your responsibilities are low. So go, now, and don't look back.

There is no better education than seeing your country, your life, at a distance, and then coming back to it with perspective. Just figure it out and go. Before your bones get brittle. Before you start to worry. Just go.

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