Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brooklyn Republicans Crush Dissent, Start Inter-Party Civil War

Posted By on Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:42 AM

The Brooklyn Republican Party has been in crisis, with an insurgent youth faction challenging the hegemony of the old-guard leadership. Back in August, I reported that "reports surfaced a few weeks ago that [county chair Craig Eaton is] trying to shut down the Brooklyn Young Republicans club and replace it with a more simpatico counter-club." Last week, Eaton finally did just that when he announced the party has supported a "re-launched" Brooklyn Young Republicans, with party-friendly leadership, to the consternation of the extant group. "The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded in 1880, is quite alive and well," Jonathan Judge, the president of the original Brooklyn Young Republicans, wrote in a statement, "and is certainly without need for any party-sponsored 're-launch.'"

Eaton has complained that the Brooklyn Young Republicans do not put in the hard work required to elect candidates and run a party, instead devoting their time to attacking the party on the blogosphere. The Young Republicans have countered that their support for Mike Grimm, for example, played a role in his election to congress last year, and that the old leadership has consistently failed to build the party. While Eaton touts Grimm's victory as a sign of party growth, the Young Republicans counter that he lost the majority of votes in Brooklyn, and only won thanks to the Staten Island part of his district. "This is just the latest attempt by the current anemic leadership of the Kings County Republican Party establishment to distract Republicans from its persistent failures to earn any Republican challenger in Brooklyn a majority of support from voters," Judge wrote in his statement.

Inter-party division will serve only to weaken the local Republicans; my wish is that it would weaken them enough that an awful human being like Marty Golden will finally lose his seat.

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