Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confusing Poll Says Bloomberg Either Does Bad Job Well or Good Job Poorly

Posted By on Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Mayor Bloomberg, choosing between the wrong and right directions.
  • Mayor Bloomberg, choosing between the wrong and right directions.

Mayor Bloomberg’s pretty okay, but the city isn’t, therefore he’s doing a good job making the city... not okay? A NY1/Marist College poll has the latest in perplexing, somewhat schizophrenic poll results: 46 percent of people surveyed think the mayor’s job performance is good or excellent, 35 percent believe his performance is fair, and 18 percent say it’s very poor. But 52 percent of responders think the city "is going in the wrong direction."

And our own secret scientific poll reveals that 42 percent of people surveyed forgot who the mayor was, and 46 percent believe wrong can mean right, if only you alter your perspective and consider that, according to many linguists, the correlation between a sound-image like the word “wrong” and the concept of wrongness itself are completely arbitrary.

Or, perhaps, there is nothing a mayor, good or bad, can do to keep the city off the wrong track. In that case, 52 percent of responders identify themselves as nihilists, and the other 48 believe the city can’t even afford tracks anymore.

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