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The Future is Now: 8 Crazy, Recently Registered Patents

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The PowerPot
Here’s one for all you outdoorsy types. Much more badass than solar power is fire power. A not-very-badass use of that fire power? The PowerPot. Using the power from any heating source (fire, a camping stove, a hot spring) the pot comes with a cable sticking out of it which you can use to charge your phone as you make some couscous on your rooftop garden.

AIRE Mask Phone Charger
If you want to charge your phone without cooking up some mac-n-cheese, this device may be the one for you. The AIRE Mask Phone Charger captures the air you breathe out in tiny wind turbines and uses it to send an electronic impulse down the cable to your phone. Sure the gas mask style is a little creepy, but imagine the kind of power you’ll harness from your morning run.

PAL-V’s Flying Car
Apparently, we could be flying our commutes by 2014 thanks to the PAL-V, or Personal Air and Land Vehicle. Sure the car looks like the Batmobile’s dweeby cousin, but imagine all the Bridge-and-Tunnelers commuting in on these.

Magsurf’s Hoverboard
Just so Marty McFly doesn’t feel too left out of this list, one of his favorite inventions is our closer. In February, French researchers demonstrated the new Magsurf hoverboard design that uses the Meissner effect to levitate a few inches off of a magnetic track while moving. Totally rad, if you ask me.

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