Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Seven Most Hilarious and/or Horrifying Moments of Geraldo Rivera's Career

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6) Geraldo Says a Hoodie Killed Trayvon Martin, Apologizes, Then Says it Again

Look — every week someone says something kind of stupid or kind of racist or kind of terrible on television. Geraldo’s been on TV a lot of weeks — most weeks he doesn’t say anything particularly stupid or racist. We can’t take one ill-timed slip-up in a four-decade long career and crucify — oh wait, he said it again. After his own son said he was ashamed of his dad’s remarks, Geraldo refused to apologize or modify his remarks, reiterating them on his Sunday show. Benjamin Crump, the Martin family lawyer, told Geraldo, “You’re embarrassing your son again by making these statements.” Man, what a burn. What will Geraldo say next? Probably the same thing, just in a louder voice.

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