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13 Things We Learned From the Pitchfork People's List

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But Some People, Aged 31-35, Still Totally Stand By That Hum Album with “Stars” On It! an Album by Hum, and Not Even the One With "Stars" On It!
I don’t fully understand what the “Distinction Index” is, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with people of a certain demographic feeling more strongly about a record than other demographics. And man, people between the ages of 31 and 35 are still going to the mat for Hum’s Downward is Heavenward, which I find insane and insanely heartwarming. - MC

Houston and Minneapolis are the only cities where OK Computer didn't win.
One of the more fun things to do with the People's List is try to attribute miniscule difference in voting preference to real, distinct regional peculiarities. The only two cities mentioned that did not consider OK Computer the pinnacle of the last 15 years are Houston and Minneapois. Houston picked Arcade Fire's Funeral because of the extra magic people who've never seen snow grant to desperate teenagers making window-high tunnels in it. Minneapolis is the world's leading exporter of carrot flowers. These things are probably true. -JK

Brooklyn's Taste is the Most Pretentious in the United States
Using the distinction index on our own fair borough, we see that our top two peculiar album loves are Wiliam Basinki's The Disintegration Loops and Scott Walker's The Drift, one an abstract meditation channeling the horrible corrosive effects of time, the other prominently featuring a mic'ed slab of meat being rhythmically punched. They are our favorites and we def. listen to these records ALL THE TIME, even when we have company over. -JK

But I'll take that any day over Philadelphia, who's top region-specific pick was Rage Against the Machine's Evil Empire.
Ha ha. Suck it, Philly! -JK

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