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5 x 5: Five People, Five Questions at GO Open Studios

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We went to GO open studios this weekend, along with hundreds of other like-minded people throughout Brooklyn. The open studio hoppers we spoke with were dedicated to seeing a ton of art, supporting their friends, and finding something unexpected just around the corner. We picked just five people—and one dog—to chat about their weekend art going. Who knows, you might know one of them.

1. Illana Hester, artist, and friends Alex Duke and Pony [dog]
Lives in Bushwick



1. What brings you guys out today to GO? Illana: I live just around the corner.

2.You made a list of studios you’re visiting? Illana: I always do! I live in the neighborhood and my husband and I run Ill Pinto, an artist’s collective. We always try and check it out; we have a lot of friends in the community. We’ve been here for a long time, so we remember when it [Bushwick] was grittier.

3. This [GO] is not gritty at all? Illana: I know, but that’s the cool thing. Now there’s a huge influx of artists and everyone who used to be here in the community suddenly has resources. There’s a lot more exhibition spaces than there used to be, restaurants, and venues to connect.

4. Are you guys voting in GO? Illana: Voting?

5. Do you know about voting? Illana: I didn’t know we had to vote!

2. Holly Chen Chavez, art historian and writer, lives in Bushwick. Julia Colavita, artist, on the right.


I spotted Holly in a crowded studio, full of several day-drinkers at Brooklyn Fire Proof studios.

1. Is this your first time doing an open studio? No, I’ve been doing them for a few years. This is my second one in Bushwick.
2. Are you an artist yourself? No.
3. What do you think of GO in comparison to Bushwick Open Studios, the other big open studios held earlier this summer? Well, actually, they [GO] worked with two of my coworkers for Bushwick Open Studios, Lucia Rollow and Julia Sinelnikova, so they were the Bushwick correspondents. They wanted to know how they ran things.
4. Have you registered to vote? I have.
5. Have you checked into all the studios yet? I’m having trouble with my phone right now because I don’t have an iPhone, but I checked into two [so far]. Actually, I just put up a blog post right now on Bushwick Daily.

3. Sara Erenthal, Crown Heights, Birgit Wolfram, Bronxville


These two girls looked lost.

1, What brings you out to Bushwick? Sara: I’m an artist, and I love art. I’m here to see other peoples’ work. I like seeing the space where people create.
2. Do you have friends in this building? Sara: I’m just exploring Bushwick, but my friend brought me here.
3. Did you guys register to vote? Sara and Birgit: Yes.
4. Do you know who you’re voting for yet? Sara: There’s one guy that I really liked at the Bogart building, so I’m considering that. Birgit: I haven’t seen that much yet.
5. How does this compare to any open studios you’ve been to before? Birgit: I saw some in DUMBO last year; it’s quite similar. I usually go to galleries a lot on the weekends, but this is more personal, and it’s nice when you get to speak to the artists.

4. Katie Torn, artist
Lives in Greenwich Village


I walked into Katie’s studio, but her door didn’t have a sign for GO. Like a handful of other artists in Bogart, Katie wasn’t part of GO, but kept her studio open.

1. What made you want to get a studio out in Bushwick? I knew that in this building there would be a lot of foot traffic, people are doing interesting things, and there’s a couple of multimedia galleries I really like. So, yeah, this is the perfect location.
2. What made you open up your studio if you’re not registered with GO? We knew about it; some people in our building suggested we sign up, but then it was too late. We thought we may as well open our doors and let people come in to see what we’re up to.
3. Do you think it’s been pretty busy around here?
4. What type of questions have people been asking you about your work? Since the work I do is so technical, a lot of people want to know how I made it, and what programs I use.
5. So what programs do you use? Maya and After Effects.

5. Daniel Arcé, design technologist
Lives in Bushwick


This guy looked bored.

1. Why are you at GO? To see how people have organized their working areas and go inside converted industrial buildings.
2. Are you glad you spent your weekend at open studios? Yes, it was a productive use of my time.
3. Was it more crowded on Saturday or Sunday? It was more crowded at the beach on Sunday at Fort Tilden.
4. Are you registered to vote with GO (Do you know what I'm talking about)? Yes. (Yes.)
5. Did you like anything? Andrea Wolf at 28 Frost.

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