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5 Exhibits We'd Like To See In The New ABBA Museum

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In case, unlike some of us, you haven't already heard the news and spent the past 24 hours listening to Super Trouper on a constant loop, it was announced this week that Sweden will get a full blown ABBA museum sometime in 2013. This is big.

Plus, the museum's curators (who are working directly with band member Bjorn Ulvaeus), are already off to a very, very good start, with a promised sing-along exhibit featuring life-sized ABBA holograms. Let's build on this. Together, we can create the greatest historical and musical monument the world has ever seen.

Thus, a humble offering of some friendly, vehement, unsolicited advice on possible exhibits. We're only here to help.

Waterloo: A History

Given that "Waterloo" is both the title of ABBA's breakout single that won them the 1974 Eurovision competition and the name of the battle that spelled the end of Napoleon's reign, this feels like a teachable moment for all the well-meaning-but-ill-informed teenagers who are likely to throng the museum on a daily basis. Even if it just means screening this memorable segment from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, visitors might as well get at least something of a history lesson. It's a museum, remember?

Mamma Mia Deprogramming Room

While the Mamma Mia empire is an impressive publicity-generator for all things ABBA, I think true fans will agree that it is not a sufficient tribute to their greatness and should be stricken from the record entirely. Ideally, visitors to the museum will be given the option of having it systematically blighted from memory, with the notable exception of Chris Klein's famous, (allegedly) cocaine-fueled audition tape. That will be with us forever.


Benny Andersson Beard Gallery

Sometimes history speaks for itself. Such is the case with Benny Andersson's prescient, trend-setting beard, as stalwart and reliable as the band itself. Attention must be paid.


A-Teens Mini-Documentary

Yes, the creation of a new super-group of teenagers for the soul purpose of re-releasing ABBA classics with younger faces could be seen as blasphemous. But, whether or not it is right, they were the first introduction to ABBA for many members of a certain generation. Plus, the weird addition of club beats to their songs worked surprisingly well. Aren't you at least kind of curious to know the origins of this cash-grabbing enterprise, and where these kids ended up?

Dancing Queens: ABBA In Drag

Naturally, ABBA is beloved by all societal demographics the world over, but few have given them more steadfast devotion (or interpreted their works more aptly) than the drag community. Once again, attention must be paid.

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