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Lena Dunham Endorses Obama, Proves That We Live In "Fallen, Depraved World Destined for the Fire"

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I'm not sure if you knew this—I certainly didn't—but apparently in this part of the Bible called Romans I, you can learn that when "God turns a people loose the first sins they embrace are the sexual lusts of the flesh." Scary. I guess? Anyway. The only reason that I know about Romans I and the horrors of sexual lust and our imminent fiery demise is because Lena Dunham made a video endorsing Barack Obama and encouraging people to vote. And this video has made a lot of conservatives very, very unhappy. So unhappy that some of them, like conservative writer and radio host Erick Erickson, tweeted that "what's worse than the Obama ad is that some people really do like it. We really do live in a fallen, depraved world destined for the fire." Destined for the fire? That sounds so dramatic. And hot. But what could be so bad about this Obama ad starring Lena Dunham that it would have people up in arms? Well, sex. In her endorsement, Lena Dunham makes some coy allusions to virginity. So, obviously this means that the sexpocalypse is coming.

And now we're all falling into a burning ring of fire.

Dunham—who is, of course, no stranger to Internet outrage—released this video in conjunction with the Obama campaign and talks about what is was like for her, the first time she voted. Does Dunham say how important it is that the first time be special? Yes. Does Dunham comment that her first time voting was what made her a woman? Sure. Is all of this amusing and charming and only blush-inducing if you are a 10-year-old girl, in which case, why are you watching this, you can't vote anyway? Also, yes.


Except, no. Apparently, this video is wildly offensive if you are a Republican. Because if you are a Republican, this video is more of a moral outrage than, oh, the thousands of people who have been killed in the last 10+ years of war that this country has been involved in. If you are a Republican, this video is more of a moral outrage than the millions of Americans who have been living without health insurance, Americans who Republicans want to make sure NEVER get the health insurance that will be available through Obama's Affordable Care Act. If you are a Republican, this video is more of a moral outrage than the sexual assault of women, which certain Republican politicians seem to think is "God's will." And maybe that makes sense, if you believe in a God who "turns people loose" and sits back to watch the world descend into fire.

Which, if that's what you believe, I guess there's just no reasoning with you, is there? Because that would make you a fundamentally irrational person who believes in made-up stories designed to promote an incredibly patriarchal, archaic way of life. What I believe in has very little to do with constructed tales of divine punishment. What I believe in is right in front of me and when there's a political choice between two men, one of whom has no problem taking away women's freedoms—including reproductive rights and access to contraception—then it's really not much of a choice at all. And what Lena Dunham is doing with this video is speaking to the people of her generation, in her own voice, with her own distinctive sense of humor, and reminding them to go out there and make a choice. And to make a responsible choice that they feel good about and will continue to feel good about moving forward. Which, really, isn't the worst way to go into voting or, for that matter, having sex. And what kind of puritanical blowhard can condemn that message? The kind that doesn't want women to have sex or to vote. Because no intelligent woman ought to vote for or fuck the kind of guy who will make her feel bad about herself the next day.

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