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The Best Graphs, Charts and Maps to Emerge From Hurricane Sandy Coverage

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Everyone doing ok out there? You guys aren't tired of looking at pictorial representations of the life-threatening force of nature that's been plaguing the Eastern seaboard for the last 24 hours are you? "Never!" you say. As images (Instagrammed, mostly) of Sandy dance in our heads, we gathered together a few of our favorites, this time—for the pride of our nation's elementary school teachers—focusing on graphs, charts and maps. After the jump: Information abounds! So does unsaturated color! And some jokes!

  • CNN via @KellyOxford

This one appeared yesterday on CNN during the super-thrilling Piers Morgan Tonight. As pointed out by blogger-screenwriter Kelly Oxford, you can see here that Canada has now become part of the ocean. (SEND HELP!) If you look closely at the blue crevices south of Texas, it appears Mexico is currently finding themselves in the same predicament. (SEND HELP THERE TOO! OUR NEIGHBORS DESPERATELY NEED US!)

  • darkstarastrology.com

Dark Star Astrology's star chart reflects last night's full moon in the New York City sky. An analysis prompts the site's husband-wife astrology dynamo to say things like:

The star rising on the eastern horizon in New York at the moment of this full moon is Achernar, the brightest star of constellation Eridanus, The River. Achernar marks the mouth of the river, more than symbolic given the geography. This star is associated with water, rain, drowning and accidents (especially at sea).

This is the final moon phase an eclipse cycle which began with the May 20 solar eclipse which fell in the Pleiades star cluster, historically known for bringing major floods, they were called the Rainy Stars.

Like, whoa.


This one comes to us from the super brains at Google, so of course it was easy to use and brimming with practical information. Search engine competitor Yahoo! pretty much threw in the towel when they posted an article dubbing it "The Only Hurricane Sandy Map You Need, Built By Google." A map that, for some, came loaded with quiet indignation.

In light of the storm making landfall in Cuba on October 25, Biblnews1.com examined: "The image of Hurricane Sandy on the satellite photo appeared as a screaming eagle, corresponding to a Throne Angel, which brings national judgment." Chew on that for a while.

  • dc.urbanturf.com

Even with all their pretty colors, charts and maps can't escape the economic gravitas that Sandy has caused. Above is an estimated look at the number of U.S. homes that were at risk of being damaged if the storm had remained a category 1 hurricane, according to the data firm CoreLogic. We thought it was interesting and hope that the numbers reflect just that—an estimation, not a reality.

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