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5 Reasons Sundance Should Definitely, Without a Doubt Come to Brooklyn

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The New York Post reports today that the Sundance people are in talks with the uh, Brooklyn people to possibly bring some incarnation — or maybe an entire new branch of — the festival to DUMBO. Organizers are said to be scouting a location under the Brooklyn Bridge as a possible headquarters for the event, which would be put on in conjunction with the Bloomberg-backed Independent Filmmaker Project. Since the talks are still "very early," it seems like these developers could use a nudge. So, in the interest of the future of film and of Brooklyn, here are 5 hastily assembled but foolproof arguments in our favor. You can't resist the pull, Robert Redford. Stop trying.


The Economic Boon

Really, no one is paying attention to us. Won't someone please, please pay attention to Brooklyn? Maybe by bringing a few celebrities and paparazzi, and finally, some culture?! While you're at it, bolster up the economy a bit. Things aren't expensive enough. Not by a long shot! Except the rent, which, as previously discussed, is going up by the literal day. Help spruce this place up a bit, Sundance.


The Pilgrimages

I'm sure Park City is nice, and all, but has it ever really been an important hub of cinema? Not as much as Brooklyn has, anyway. In between screenings and late night blackouts, attendees of Sundance Brooklyn (patent pending) could visit the historic locations used in classics like Dog Day Afternoon, Saturday Night Fever, and The Warriors. Field trip!


The Exciting New Fashions

In all fairness, we're still on the fence about whether or not a "Brooklyn Look" does, in fact, exist. Nonetheless, Brooklyn isn't in the mountains, so we'd all be subjected to fewer strange resulting photos of celebrities in their "winter looks," most of which involve dyed mukluks. Everyone would be better off for it.

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Cabs and Accessibility

Brooklyn is far, far more convenient to get around than some random place in Utah. Well, this is a rough guess. But I did spend some time in a shitty assistant job booking my boss' entire Sundance itinerary one time, and my conclusion is that a) there are only like 5 restaurants in Park City in which anybody actually wants to eat and/or be seen, which is super helpful when you're trying to wrangle reservations for someone who is not particularly famous or powerful and 2) everything is frustratingly spread out. Here there are cabs aplenty, and as you may have heard, some food worth eating.


Rivalry with Robert De Niro

I've saved the strongest argument here for last. Because, if you think about it, creating some kind of feud between Sundance and De Niro's pet project, the Tribeca Film Festival, makes total sense. Not only would it generate tons of extra publicity for both projects (and thus, maybe some for up and coming filmmakers), but it would pull Bobby (as we New York insiders call him) out of his old-age comfort zone and into a real, balls-out public battle. The man has been reduced to text-fighting with Jay-Z. Give him — and us — something to truly care about, Sundance.

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