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Your Weekend at the Movies with Old Guys

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Warm Bodies: I kept reading claims at various points in the Twilight film series that such-and-such sequel was the one where they get a little bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, especially regarding the last couple of Condon-directed installments. For me, you can't claim good humor in a Twilight movie until one of your intentional laughs outshines one of your unintentional ones, and I don't know that this ever happened in those movies (or if it did, it was in non-joking gray areas, like the clear and intentional hilariousness of Michael Sheen's performance that is nonetheless not exactly a joke, per se). Out to prove that but the merest of changes would vastly improve the Twilight template, Warm Bodies sounds like a sorta-rip-off that is also almost certainly, on the basis of the trailer alone, a much better movie, about a zombie boy with traces of humanity who falls in love with a Kirsten Stewart lookalike and begins to behave somewhat more like a non-brain-eating person again. My highly unreliable box-office sense tells me this is going to be a hit; audiences often appear puzzled by horror-tinged comedies, but this one looks broad (and non-horrific) enough to hit that Zombieland sweet spot.

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