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5 Key Lessons From Dr. Zizmor's Twitter Feed (Yes, He Has One)

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Maybe it's to push back against those fake canine plastic surgery ads in the subway, or maybe it's just because he's a hip, modern guy.

Whatever the impetus, subway hero/dermatologist Dr. Zizmor now has a (woefully under-followed) Twitter feed, and we are all better off for it (h/t to Gothamist for the link). But what kind of Twitter-er is he, exactly? A "Follow Friday" obsessive? An over-sharer? A silent lurker? None of the above, actually, but he does have his own particular style. Here are a few things we've learned from it in the past hour.



He Is Friends With Andrew W.K., Knows How To Party

Or at least, Twitter friends. But they probably really do hang out all the time in real life. This is what I am choosing to assume. Those killer party ideas didn't come from nowhere, after all.

He's Also Down With Facebook

And really, really wants us to know.


He Searches For His Own Name

Hence, this polite reply to "Dr. Sexington."


He's Actually Not That Into Rainbows

The signature motif of his subway ads is actually nowhere to be found in his online presence. Maybe he's trying to re-brand, maybe the original graphic designer for the subway ads is unavailable. Either way, vaguely disappointing.



Just In General, He'll Reply To Even The Most Pointless Tweets

Which if you think about it, is a very polite and humble thing to do. Even I don't reply to most people on Twitter, and I get like, one message a month, tops. He even thanks people for following him! Really, he seems like a super nice, mostly earnest guy who reads a lot of dermatology blogs. Never change, Dr. Z.

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