Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not Scared By The Salt PSAs? Here Are 5 of New York's Most Graphic Subway Ads

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Earlier this week, the city rolled out its latest "terrifying health consequences" PSAs, this time warning against the dangers of excess sodium intake. Sure, they mention the possibilities of salt-related strokes and heart attacks using words, but, in an uncharacteristic move, there are no graphic, impossible-to-scrub-from-the-memory images to go along with them.

It's unclear why, exactly, the city chose to go for common sense on this after such a long, storied history of hyper-intense scare tactics, but here we are, being sternly told to just... read the label. No Empire-State-Building-as-pillar-of-salt, no young woman weeping because her fingers are too salt-bloated for an engagement ring, or something. But, lest we think the Department of Health (or in some cases, just a few rogue advertisers) have lost their edge, let's take a quick look back at all the other gruesome ways they've reminded us to take care of ourselves over the years. It'll be fun, really.

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