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Game of Thrones: Dragons Unchained or Daenerys Gets Her Revenge

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Dany is about to buy a lot of Unsullied. She has brought Drogon. He has a chain on him. This is not right. This can not be. He is a dragon! But Dany hands the end of the chain over to Kraznys, the slaver. In return, he gives her the whip that signifies that she is the owner of all the Unsullied.

"Is it done now? Do they belong to me?" Dany asks.

"It is done. You hold the whip."

Yeah, she does!

Dany walks away. Drogon cries like a child would wail after its mother. It's heart-rending. Was anyone else's heart broken by that? Only mine? Ok, then.

Dany look out over her legions of troops and cries out, "Unsullied!"

She speaks in High Valyrian, the language that Kraznys spoke in while he insulted and mocked her. Daenerys knew what he was saying all the time.

He doesn't notice right away though, because he's having a few problems controlling the dragon.

"Tell the bitch her beast won't come," he snaps to Missandei, the slave girl who is now on Dany's side.

"A dragon is not a slave," Daenerys tells Kraznys.

"You speak Valyrian," he says, surprised.

And here's where it gets amazing: "I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyria. Valyrian is my mother tongue." YEAH, IT IS.

Dany speaks to her new soldiers: "Slay the masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who holds a whip, but harm no child. Strike the chains off every slave you see."

She says to her dragon-child, "Dracaerys." You guys! That means FIRE.

And so the flames come forth and we see what exactly a dragon can do. I wonder if, somewhere in Westeros, the Lannisters and the Starks and everyone who had ever gone against a Targaryen felt a sudden chill, because the dragons are back, you guys.

Daenerys is not done. She cries out, "Unsullied! You have been slaves all your life. Today you are free. Any man who wishes to leave may leave and no one will harm him. I give you my word. Will you fight for me? As free men?"

Of course they will. She is the mother of dragons. She mounts a white horse, and rides in front of her army, leading them out of Astopor. She drops the whip into the sand. Her dragons fly overhead. She wants revenge.


House Targaryen: I don't think this needs to be spelled out for anyone. Dragons and thousands of Unsullied? Things are looking good for the dragon queen.


Everyone else.

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