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Game of Thrones: Jaime, Brienne, and the Bear. Oh. And Theon Gets Castrated.

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On that last point, I think Tywin might finally have proven fallible, since he seems to think that there is no way Daenerys and her dragons can pose any threat. Tywin doubts that the dragons even have skulls bigger than an apple. Even if that skull size was accurate? I'd still be pretty worried about the whole fire and destruction thing. Plus, these dragons are only getting bigger. I guess what Tywin doesn't know, can't hurt him. For now anyway.

But those dragons can certainly hurt others! Especially evil slaveholders. Daenerys and her army are now outside the walls of Yunkai, another slave-holding city. One of the wise masters of Yunkai is trying to bribe Dany to leave. He has brought her gold and a ship as a gift. But she is on a mission now. She wants every slave released from Yunkai. She tells the Yunkish man that her gift to him is his life, and that he will get that gift if he frees his slaves. He curses her and tells her that it will never happen and that she will fail. Then he goes to retrieve his gold. Big mistake. Huge. The dragons move to attack him, and he backs away. He yells some more at Dany about some promises she made, and she replies, "My dragons made no promises and you threatened their mother."

Happy Mother's Day, Daenerys! You are one badass mother of dragons.

So, meanwhile, Melisandre and Gendry are on a boat, sailing through the wreckage of the Battle of Blackwater, sailing past King's Landing. Melisandre reveals to Gendry that he is not just any bastard, he was the son of King Robert Baratheon and that he is therefore powerful because he has king's blood. We also learn that Melisandre was of even lower birth than Gendry—she was a slave, and also the daughter of a slave—but that she was saved by the Lord of Light. So, no wonder she feels so indebted to him.

Someone who is not so indebted to the Lord of Light is Arya. She is still angry at Beric Dondarrion for letting Gendry go with that Red Witch and she doesn't care if the Lord of Light does things like resurrecting the dead on the regs. She tells Ser Beric, "Hes not my one true god."

"No?" Beric asks. "Who's yours?"

"Death." Whoa. Ok, then.

This conversation is followed by the news that a Lannister party is nearby in the woods and so the Brotherhood wants to set off to attack the Lions. Arya knows this means she'll be even further delayed in seeing her family, and runs off into the woods by herself. It's hard to say if she would have been able to escape completely, because who should she run right into but The Hound. He scoops her up and that is the last we see of Arya this episode.

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