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Brooklyn's Best Young Filmmakers

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Lisa Kjerulff Nick Bentgen Northern Light
Lisa Kjerulff (Producer) and Nick Bentgen (Director, not pictured), Northern Light

What neighborhood do you live in?
Lisa: I live in Crown Heights. I moved to the neighborhood after college, and I love it.

Nick: I love Crown Heights. I've lived there for six years. I moved there because I found a tiny studio apartment and then discovered I was in this amazing neighborhood.

Does living in Brooklyn affect the work you make? How so?
Lisa: So many of my favorite filmmakers and friends to work with are based in Brooklyn. I know if I ever need filmmaking advice or need to talk through an idea, I've got a great community around me to help out. 

Nick: I like Brooklyn's energy. There's an artisanal sensibility here that's hard to find in other parts of the city. I know that I'm surrounded by hard-working people who are a bit obsessive about their projects, and I love that because I'm the same way.

What's the "film community" like in Brooklyn right now?
Lisa: The "film community" in Brooklyn is continually growing. So many of the wonderful organizations like IFP and POV that are really supportive of filmmakers are based in DUMBO. There are continually new opportunities to meet and network with talented filmmakers based in Brooklyn.

Nick: There're a lot of innovative movies being made here, DIY films that embrace the limitations of tiny budgets. These Birds Walk is insanely good, and I'm looking forward to seeing Mother of George. The film community in Brooklyn is very collegial. I love getting together with my friends and talking about the movies we're working on. It's really just a huge support group.

What film that's not your own are you most excited about at the festival?
Lisa: I'm really excited to see I Used to Be Darker. I've heard so many great things about it.

Nick: It's so impossible to pick just one. I'm really happy to be included in such an incredible lineup of films. I've seen a couple of them already: Computer Chess was really, really funny, and I Used to Be Darker is so beautifully crafted; it's so fragile in this great way. If I had to choose, I guess I'm most excited for This is Martin Bonner because my friend Julio Perez edited it, and he's very talented. But I'm also really looking forward to Ain't Them Bodies Saints, because Ben Foster is the shit.

What's your favorite movie theater in Brooklyn?
Lisa: BAM is by far my favorite movie theater in Brooklyn. It's in a great neighborhood, and I love all of their programming. I love being able to see great classics, obscure foreign films and blockbusters in the same theater.

Nick: BAM. Their repertory is amazing, and even though hardly anyone shows film prints anymore, it seems like BAM does any chance they get.

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