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Is <i>Pacific Rim</i> Guillermo del Toro's Attempt to Become Michael Bay?

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Pacific Rim: Dividing lines on Pacific Rim seem to have been drawn, between the web hybrid-critic guys (you know, the ones who kinda report movie news, kinda offer industry opinions, kinda review movies) pretty much loving the bejesus out of it and praising the genius of Guillermo del Toro, and other factions saying, really, should Guillermo del Toro be wasting his time on a 'roided out Godzilla vs. Transformers movie? I haven't yet seen Pacific Rim in all of its IMAX 3D glory (pause for a moment of silent sadness that Warner Brothers, often one of the most IMAX-friendly studios, asked del Toro to convert the movie into 3D but didn't suggest shooting some IMAX-camera footage at the outset. That said, the movie will have an opened-up aspect ratio at true IMAX theaters like the one at 68th Street, so it will look pretty big. But not Ghost Protocol big, and that's a shame), but I've never really considered Guillermo del Toro one of the masters, so it's fine by me if he wants to make the good version of a Michael Bay/Roland Emmerich spectacular. I like most of del Toro's movies (and his director's commentary on the Mimic Blu-ray is terrific; he sounds like a great guy, and I'm sure that plays into all of the web guys who have met him really loving him), but I'm not spending much time wishing he'd do another Pan's Labyrinth because as dark and beautiful as that movie is, I do find that his borderline-maudlin sentimentality sometimes gets the better of him. If Pacific Rim turns out to be Hellboy 2 times like a thousand, hey, sounds great to me.

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