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The Best MTV VMA Brooklyn Shout-Outs: Twitter Edition

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That right there? That is SO Brooklyn.
  • That right there? That is SO Brooklyn.

As you probably heard/read/watched/absorbed through osmosis, the MTV Video Music Awards took place in Brooklyn last night and oh! fun was had, you know? There was twerking, and foam fingers, and Taylor Swift mouthing "shut the fuck up" to that guy in that boy band, and Will Smith and family looking scandalized at Miley Cyrus's performance, and Jimmy Fallon declaring his undying love for Justin Timberlake, and a brief 'NSYNC reunion that was reminiscent of the Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl in that Justin is 'NSYNC's Beyoncé and all anyone really cared about was JT. But who was the biggest star of the night? Was it Katy Perry? Was it Jared Leto? (haha...of course not) Was it Lady Gaga? No. It was none of those people. No, the biggest star of the night was Brooklyn. That's right. Brooklyn was as big a part of this year's VMAs as Kanye West. So, in honor of Brooklyn, here's a round-up of some of the best BK-related tweets about the VMAs last night. Some of which are pretty spot-on, and some of which are clearly by people who learned all about Brooklyn from the New York Times Styles section.


You'll Never Guess Where We Are! (Hint: It's Brooklyn)
There was a whole category of tweets last night referencing the fact that (surprise!) this year's awards were taking place in Brooklyn. People just lovetalking about being in Brooklyn when they're actually in Brooklyn. There's nothing more Brooklyn than talking about Brooklyn. Brooklynbrooklynnrooklyn!




No Sleep Til Brooklyn
It's kind of amazing that this song wasn't just playing on a continuous loop throughout the entire show. Just because it wasn't, doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of twitter jokes about this Beastie Boys anthem.



The Obligatory Jared Leto Reference
Because, you know, even though he doesn't live in Brooklyn. He was in Requiem for a Dream. Also, the fact that he's still invited to events like this? Even though he doesn't actually act anymore? Or at least not in things that anyone ever sees? Anyway. He was there, and this tweet happened. And it was funny. So.


Tweets By People Who Know Nothing About Brooklyn
Is there anything more Brooklyn than Allison Williams and Katy Perry? Yes. Literally everything is more Brooklyn than Allison Williams and Katy Perry. But thanks for playing, GLamour!



The Perfect Response to Glamour's Allison Williams and Katy Perry Tweets
Courtesy of Jesse Fox and Veronica de Souza, these tweets made us feel all right again in a world where some people associate Allison Williams as being the essence of Brooklyn.



Actual Brooklyn Jokes
The mermaid parade! Alex Karpovsky! Brighton Beach! These are things that actually exist in Brooklyn, even when meaningless MTV awards shows aren't taking place.




Brooklyn Lit Joke

Well, not everyone in Brooklyn was actually reading Borges instead of watching the VMAs last night. Some people were probably reading Gaddis. But the larger point is that the VMAs have about as much to do with most of Brooklyn as do the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards. Just kidding. A porn awards show would be about a million times more relevant to most of our lives. Hopefully the VMAs will soon be but a distant memory, and the AVN Awards will soon call the Barclays Center home. A girl can dream, can't she?

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