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Photos: The People Who Love Blink 182 More Than They Love Nostalgia

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Amanda, 22

Do you remember how old you were when you first started listening to these guys?
The first time I remember listening to Blink, I was driving with my Dad in the car, and we were listening to "All the Small Things" on the radio. I commented—because Tom [DeLonge] has a very exaggerated voice—"Where's he from? He has such a weird accent." And my Dad was like, "He just sings like that." I was maybe 9 or 10, and I've been listening to them ever since.

I like that you're Dad's involved in this story.
He's the one that got me into Blink.

Do you have a favorite album of theirs?
Dude Ranch.

Do you have a specific memory or time in your life that's linked to that album?
[Someone else in line jumps into the convo] I liked this kid, who was a skateboarder, and his favorite song was "Dick Lips!"
Amanda: The only really specific memory is when I saw them in concert. This is the first time I've seen them since 2009 in Long Island. It was really, really cool. Mark got a bass—I think from Fall Out Boy, because they were on tour together—and he threw it onto Jones Beach. He was like, "This is for you guys!" I was horrified. Like, "Why are you doing that?! Give it to me!"

Some people consider them a "guilty pleasure," since they lean towards the pop side of punk. Does hearing them called that bother you at all?
It doesn't bother me so much because everyone has different music tastes, but it's just kinda funny to me. Some people are ashamed. I'll be talking to someone and somehow Blink will come up, and they'll be like, [shyly] "Yeah, I listen to Blink." I'm like, "Dude, I have their tattoo on my shoulder. Blink's awesome."

I gotta ask about your tattoo, then.
It was my second tattoo. I got it back in Huntington, back on Long Island. I don't know if you can see it [shows her shoulder], but it's just the smiley face logo. Everyone was like, "Why are you getting a Blink tattoo?!" They're a band that made me and my Dad have something to talk about when I was young. Me and my Dad weren't really close; he wasn't around much when I was little. But when we were together, we were always listening to Blink 182.

Is he still a fan too?
Yeah, he is. He messaged me on Facebook today and was like, "You're waiting in line to see Blink?! Why didn't you give me the extra ticket?!" I'm like, "Dad, you're 43-years-old."

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