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Photos: The People Who Love Blink 182 More Than They Love Nostalgia

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Nigel, 17
Dustin, 22

Do you remember how old you were when you first started listening to Blink and how that happened?
Dustin: I was 10-years-old. I first heard Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and was, like, I have to play drums the rest of my life after hearing Travis. Fuck, yeah.

Did you first hear them on the radio?
Dustin:Nooo. It was a girl I liked. She was into Blink.
Nigel: When I first really started listening to Blink, I was maybe 13 or 12. It was because of him [points to Dustin]. He listened to it all the time, and now they're pretty much all I listen to.

Were they one of the first punk bands you ever really got into?
Nigel: For me, yeah, for sure.
Dustin: They were who introduced me to it. Then from there, I just sort of took off. I would look up what [bands] they liked, then looked up other bands in the genre and what they liked. Then my Australian friend introduced me to ska and reggae and all this stuff, you know.

Have you ever seen them live before?
Yeah, I saw their show in Canada; it was in 2004. They didn't say it at the time, but apparently that was their last show there before they broke up.
Nigel: This is my first time. We flew here from Toronto, just for this show.

Oh, wow. Just for this show?
Nigel: Just for this show!
Dustin: I saw the announcement on a Facebook pop-up and was like, "A 600-person Blink show! Yeah!"
Nigel: He called me and was like, "You better have your passport!"

Do you guys know the band Wavves?
Dustin:No, no I don't. Are they good?

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