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Photos: The People Who Love Blink 182 More Than They Love Nostalgia

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Ryker, 23
Desiree, 24

Do you guys remember how old you were when you first started listening to these guys?
Desiree: I started liking them when I was 12 or 13 in middle school. One of my friends got me hooked on them, and I've been a big fan ever since.
Ryker: Freshman year in high school I started hanging out with a different crowd—the fun-having crowd—and we played some of their music in my buddy's basement. We were hooked. There was a while where I was only listening to Blink 182.

What album was that around, do you remember?
Desiree: Enema of the State.

Would you say they were a gateway for you listening to other punk bands ?
Desiree: Yeah, I would definitely say that.
Ryker: I think the Blink 182 sound has grown up with me. When I was 15, the music they were putting out really stuck with me, and now that I'm 23, their newer stuff has absolutely matured.

Can you pinpoint one album or song of theirs that's your favorite?
Ryker: She's not going to like this [nods towards Desiree and laughs] but the Neighborhoods album. "Ferris Wheel Full of Blue-Green Eyes" is my favorite song.

Why that album? Not a lot of people have said that one so far.
Ryker: The first conversation me and her ever had was about that album [nods towards Desiree again].

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