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5 Movies To Watch This Weekend Instead <i>CBGB</i>

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Cool wigs.
  • Cool wigs.

Now, it's not like I have so much cred here. I never went to even the sad early-2000s days of CBGB, or, for that matter, set foot in the Lower East Side before it had already turned into a place where I feel totally safe walking alone at night and can acquire an $8 cone of fries with wild mushroom mayo, if I choose to do so. Still, I know a painful, lame, inaccurate mistake of a movie when I see (the trailer for) one, and CBGB is it.

Reviews (including our own) confirm, this movie probably didn't need to get made, and you probably don't need to pay $13.50 to Malin Ackerman lip synch along to recordings of songs you already know by heart. And hey, biopics are hard to pull off. Retroactively looking back on any kind of scene or cultural moment or entire human life is hard enough to do with any measure of authenticity, and gets doubly so when the whole process gets churned through a studio system. And yet, some truly good movies about rock ("rockumentaries"? aaaugh) have gotten made, some of them blatantly fictional, some of them more traditionally biographical. So in lieu of squirming through a listless recreation of a dingy bar that's best left as it was, here are a few worth watching (or re-watching) this weekend instead.

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