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The Best Old Movies on a Big Screen This Week

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safe movie todd haynes julianne moore
Safe (1995)
Directed by Todd Haynes
In Don DeLillo’s White Noise, a city is one day seized by panic when a chemical spill blackens the sky—a controlled crisis those in charge quickly deem the “Airborne Toxic Event.” A decade later Todd Haynes brought us Safe, a film possessed of a crisis rather more insidious: here, a private panic is ignited by a fear too ambiguous to diagnosis or define, the blackness invisible but constant. But as far as suburban housewife Carol (Julianne Moore) is concerned, the cause is no less toxic. Her complacent life disrupted by an affliction vaguely defined as “chemical sensitivity,” Carol begins a descent into madness that doubles as thorough detox: she rejects the world around her as fundamentally impure, poisoned by a modern disease, and retreats from the fixtures of middle-class life. The “event” in this case may be illusory, but its effects are very real. Calum Marsh (Dec 1 at Moving Image, part of its Julianne Moore series)

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