11/21/12 4:00am

It’s that time of year again when you wait until the last minute to buy all your Solstice gifts, and then all the Rite Aid has left is shampoo coupons and decks of playing cards. WE ALREADY HAVE A DECK OF PLAYING CARDS. This year, why not consult in advance our handy guide to gift giving, including something for every type of Brooklynite on your list: the bearded, the blotto, the bibliophilic, and more.

10/24/12 4:00am

Brunch: The Sunburnt Calf
Runner Up: Buttermilk Channel
Forget about humdrum Belgian waffles and congealed eggs Benedict—this Aussie by-way-of Southeast Asia eatery has got the hookup on ginger and pork congee and unlimited moo-mary’s and moo-mosas!

10/10/12 4:00am

A Random Sampling of 20 Bands, Judged!

One of the terms you always see thrown around with events like the CMJ Music Marathon is “discovery festival,” the idea being that it’s a way for people to hear music they’ve never heard before by ducking in and out of random venues and sampling whatever there is to sample. But mostly, people just go see a bunch of bands they already know they like, which is fine, but maybe not the point, exactly. So here we chose 20 bands at random and gave them a listen—and just like that, discovery ensued!

Photo Thomas Northcut

09/12/12 4:00am

In a city of the image-obsessed, nightlife photography can be an exercise in debauched vanity: an opportunity for sponsorship, or at least a few Instagram tags. But the following photographers push past gang signs and pursed-lip posturing (though you can’t avoid those completely) to showcase the city’s underbelly, the DIY dens in Brooklyn where styles and trends are born. Music, skateboarding, costumed queers, beer brawls, police raids—blessed be those that sacrifice their after-hours to capture it all.