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Zach Staggers (The So-So Glos): Musician, East Williamsburg

1. The City Reliquary
At the corner of Metropolitan and Havemeyer in Williamsburg is this really sweet museum that sits in an old bodega. They kept the original facade, so it catches you off guard when you look in and it's a museum. They have sick relics, including the original sign from 2nd Avenue Deli.

2. Seinfeld
It is and always will be the best; forever the quintessential New York television program.

3. Delivery Everything
Even the weed is delivery! A super-luxurious resource available to us that we should not take for granted.

4. Whole Foods
It's the best place to get free lunch. Did you know it's store policy to let you sample whatever you want if you just ask. If you've got the chutzpah, go have a meal for free. Remember, these big supermarkets throw out food everyday, so don't feel bad.

5. Showpaper
All-ages cheap show listings on tangible and beautiful print. We recently helped drop off a bunch of new Showpaper news boxes around the city. They are now on street corners right up there with the NY Post and all them rags. [Ed. Rags like The L!]


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