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24. The Activists: The Tar Sands Kids

Allow us to introduce you to the NYC contingent of the Tar Sands Action group. Officially forming in late September, former arrestees of Bill McKibben’s mass two-week sit-in surrounding the White House earlier that month met up at a rally in New York. Their goal was to figure out what they could do at the local level to halt the development of the Keystone XL Pipeline through the United States, which would increase production of crude bitumen from the Alberta tar sands, generally understood by climate scientists to be one of the most environmentally destructive processes that exists. The group participated in the November 6 protest surrounding the White House that, with roughly 12,000 people altogether, effectively delayed the President’s Keystone XL pipeline decision (perhaps killing it) until after the 2012 election. Young activists like Belinda Rodriguez, 21, Duncan Meisel, 24, and Zack Malitz, 22, have played integral roles in organizing at both the city and the university level. “That’s not to say we’re resting on our laurels,” Rodriguez says. “We’ve got our eye on Congress and will be up in arms if they try any monkey business. We are keenly aware that the climate justice fight is far from over.” Hear that? The kids are alright.


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