10 Workouts for People Who Hate Working Out 

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AntiGravity Yoga Wings
Crunch, 691 Fulton St, Fort Greene
Cost: Gym membership required
Calories burned per hour: 300
Sweat level: Moderate
Soreness the following day: Low

A silk-like hammock (your “wings”) suspended from the ceiling allows for better stretching and a greater release of tension from your spine (duh). So, in this class you go through the usual yoga poses, like downward dog and warrior, but there are also inversions, superman-like swings and even handstands (made possible for us weaklings with the support of the fabric). The best part is that for those of you with the lazy gene, the final resting pose is basically fetal, in a warm, silky cocoon (we pretty much fell asleep at the end of class).

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