101 Brooklyn Gifts: Your Holiday Guide 

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Picture That! Readymade Terrarium
Available at cogandpearl.com $50
These tiny landscapes inside glass eggs are not only superb and assembled in Brooklyn; each also includes a miniature photographer of a gender of your choosing, perfect for the landscape shutterbug in your life (or, you know, just someone who likes cool shit).

Think Fabricate Fluid Trays
Available at 25 Chapel Street, Downtown Brooklyn
These trays from Think Fabricate—a multidisciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn—are perfect for entertaining this holiday season.

Oga Tilted Mug
Available at Life Curated, 186 Grand St, Williamsburg $15
So maybe we’re kind of childish, but we’re pretty sure your teenage relative (maybe off to college?) would LOVE this freaky trompe l’oeil coffee cup that appears to be melting into the table.


Talon candlestick
Available at Catbird, 219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg $56 Bird feet are gross. Unless they are on the bottom of a brass candlestick.

Ratzer Map Poster
Available at 128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn Heights or online at brooklynhistory.org $46
Support the Brooklyn Historical Society and score an easy gift for that person on your list you have no idea what to buy. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Heirloom State-Shaped Cutting Board
Available from etsy.com/shop/AHeirloom $40
Do you miss home? Chop some onions on it and then cry.

Plants from Root Stock
Available at Root Stock, 471 Myrtle Avenue, Clinton Hill Varying Prices
A plant or three from Root Stock will do the trick pleasing everyone from you Mom to your dog-sitter. Even the dingiest of Brooklyn apartments needs love.


The Wild Unknown 2012 Kitten Calendar
Available at Catbird, 219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg $30
The Etsy-approved version of LOLcats. Also, helps you determine what day it is.

Novice Gardener Set
Available at 1000 Washington Avenue, Crown Heights $45
Got a flower box/backyard/community garden plot that’s been growing wild? This handy Brooklyn Botanic Garden kit has everything you’ll need to whip it back into shape come spring.

Pierre Terrariums
Available at Sprout Home, 44 Grand Street, Williamsburg from $56
Everybody’s apartment could use a little more life. Add some with these hanging terrariums.

Marianne Van Ooij “Dressed for Dinner” Dinner Set
Available online at mariannevanooij.com
When entertaining, it’s the details that count. Step up your game with a new dinner set from the Brooklyn-based Dutch designer Marianne Van Ooij.

Numbers LED Clock
Available at areaware.com $100
It’s a lot harder to hit the snooze button when your alarm clock consists of four two-inch cubes, each displaying one digit of the hour. Ipso facto, get local designer Jonas Damon’s clever clock from Williamsburg’s Areaware and you’ll win back ten minutes every day.


Holey Chair!
Available at Voos 105 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg $1,895
It’s not a chair at all, but it’s perfect.


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