101 Secrets to Indie Rock Success 

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"We really like it when you drink onstage."

11. You can go ahead and lose the MySpace page. Bandcamp and SoundCloud are user-friendly, which is key for users trying to actually listen to your music.

12. Don’t have a bad band name. That’s all we can say about that.

13. Support local bands that you admire. Go to their shows. Email them and ask if you could open for them sometime.

14. Stage banter is a tricky thing. If you’re not good at it, that’s ok. Maybe you just shouldn’t do it.

15. Honestly? We really like it when you drink onstage. Especially if it’s wine, poured into a glass from a bottle you keep on top of your amp.

16. But remember, if you’re gonna drink, you have to have at least two so that the first doesn’t look like it was a prop.

17. Only girlfriends and/or boyfriends on the guest list. Everyone else pays. It’s for your own good, and the good of the venue. (This doesn’t apply to us. We’d rather not pay.)

18. Silverface, not blackface. The difference in price cannot be justified, and the difference in sound quality is negligible, especially when compared to more recent offerings.

19. Similarly, get the reissue, not the original. In almost any situation.

20. Get a live drummer. Do it. A massive hang-glider of personality is needed to coast over the vast hole you’ve dug for yourself by performing against canned iPod beats. (And you are maybe not that charming?) Only the quietest and most devastating of whispery chanteuses can afford to forego “intimacy” over impact. And she could probably use a drummer.


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