18 Brooklyn Dates: One for Every Conceivable Dating Scenario 

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"Proceed to get properly boozed, point out passing planes, sit in silence..."

The Roof Date

Ah, there are few things more romantic than taking in a sunset on a Brooklyn rooftop. Just keep a weather eye out for pigeon crap. Oh, and ledges.

3pm: This isn’t going to be one of those “let’s drink forties while you listen to me play my guitar for you” dates. Go stock up on a few bottles of grown-ass people wine and cheese at Uva Wines (199 Bedford Ave) and the Bedford Cheese Shop (141 N 4th St).

3:30pm: Prep isn’t done yet. If you think you can handle not burning down your own apartment building, pick up some handmade,Brooklyn-themed candles from Owl and Thistle General Store (720 Franklin Ave). Blankets are also a nice, thoughtful touch, as well as an excuse to snuggle feel each other up on a cold night.

4pm: Pick up your lover and ascend (HOLDING HANDS!) to the roof. Proceed to get properly boozed, point out passing planes, sit in silence, listening only to trains rattling over tracks and the furtive beating of each others’ hearts. You can even pull a Titanic and take turns holding each other and standing at the edge of the roof with arms outspread humming “My Heart Will Go On.”

6pm: Damn, this was a great idea, but it’s effing freezing. Luckily, someone’s warm apartment is only a few flights of stairs below. You know what that means. Bow chicka wow-wow. (Is what sex sounds like.)

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