2 Days in Paris 

Directed by Julie Delpy

As the sharper half of my generation’s defining hetero screen romance, Julie Delpy, though a skilled actress, is in serious danger of being typecast. And according to the press notes for 2 Days in Paris, a modest film written and directed by Delpy, she knows it. “I know some people will think that I can only write about a French-American couple in Paris,” she says, but “when I write about other things no one gives me money for it.”

Following a disastrous trip to Venice, Marion (Delpy) brings Yankee beau Jack (fellow Linklater vet Adam Goldberg) home to meet the parents. Delpy plays Marion as a brittler version of her Celine persona; awaking from an overnight train ride with frizzed hair and thick spectacles, she looks like a neurotic in a Roz Chast cartoon. In scenes where she matches, and occasionally outdoes, Goldberg’s signature paranoiac freakouts, 2 Days works as a serviceable summer romcom. The movie suffers terribly of course from the inevitable comparisons to Before Sunrise/Sunset, but in all fairness to Delpy, show me a film that wouldn’t.

Opens August 10


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