25 Cheap Things To Do in NYC 

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23. We know that some of you Park Slopers have kids that you know about, and some of you 'Burgers have kids you don't, so why not bring the family together and head up to the Bronx Equestrian Center (9 Shore Rd., Bronx) for some pony rides. Five dollars gets the same kid two rides in one day, or twins one ride each—if you pull it off right.

24. If you can actually figure out when they have shows, and get there early enough for a seat, The Slipper Room (167 Orchard St.) has the best burlesque show in town, and by best we mean the most immoral, immodest, naked, raunchy and weird. You've heard of it, now go!

25. Or head over to the Central Park Boathouse (E. 72nd St. & Park Drive North) with five of your friends—or four friends and one frenemy who needs to be taught how to swim—and hire a gondola for five bucks each. Work quickly to pay off the gondolier so he'll turn the other way as you push your victim over the side, A Place in the Sun-style: you only get a half hour to accomplish the task and are never too far from the shore. [Please do not actually murder your frenemies
-Legal Dept.]

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