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Gravity Pen $24, MOMA Design Store
Magic is expensive—but totally worth it when it means no more clicking like a jerk for your giftee. This pen—only the price of 125 blue-ink BICs—has a point that clicks into place by itself when you hold it upside down. And it goes back in when you return it to its upright position!

Fan Pen $12, MOMA Design Store
Who doesn't want to be able to write and cool off their coffee with just a flick of the wrist (and no blowing like some no-account balloon inflater)? The Fan Pen, which looks like a lanky doofus in a pinwheel hat, features a small fan on the top that won't chop off any fingers. Plus, as this is a recession, the necessary AAA battery is already included.

J-Me Tape Dispenser $22.95, Mxyplyzyk
It looks like a cassette tape but—get this—it dispenses scotch tape! Will whomever you give it to ever be able to stop laughing at the heteronymic hilarity?

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