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MP3: "Away Frm U"

Other writers have described the once solo project of Brad Oberhofer as a less bizarre version of the Unicorns, a one-man MGMT, or a descendent of the Dodos, and while we get what they're going for—there's lots of eccentric quirks, oddball timing and tribal-like percussion—they're not accounting for the post-punk jitteriness that very much informs his seven-song EP (available for free on his blog). This is key. Reckless energy runs deep, and between the distortion and unhinged emotion, his vocals are hard to keep contained, making the entire operation feel like it's about to spin out of control. Despite the kaleidoscopic whirl, there's an emphasis on straightforward lyrics; it's almost as if he's a 19-year-old kid who started writing music as a competitive freestyle rapper in the fifth grade, recently moved to New York after his family home in Tacoma burned down, and has songs bursting to get out of him. Actually, it's pretty much exactly like that.

Favorite NYC Venue:
The Market Hotel is one of a kind. It has a capacity large enough to make a full event seem huge, and just small enough to feel equally intimate. Attending and playing shows at the Market Hotel reassures you that there is a large community of people making, supporting and genuinely enjoying art for whatever it is.

What NYC band would you give up your spot on the list for?
Beach Fossils.

One thing you'd like to change about being a band in NYC?
The giant degrading "X" policy.

What's the biggest misconception about being in a band in NYC?
I really don't know what people say about that.

If you could be an NYC band in any other year in history, which year would you choose?
1977. Post-Television and Ramones, though still tons of room for innovation within pop/punk. I want to witness a less gentrified New York and a more rebellious brand of musician.

Favorite song about NYC:
"Pacifics" by Digable Planets.

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