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MP3: "Rosalina Must Dance"

So here's a weird thing about MiniBoone: They write really, really fast songs. This wouldn't typically be considered all that weird, of course, but go ahead, we dare you to get real lost in a web of Brooklyn bands' MySpace pages and tell us that shit hasn't slowed down to the point where you can't figure out how people are even staying awake at the Market Hotel every night. MiniBoone is a breath of fresh air: The songs on their debut EP, Big Changes, burst at the seams with a frantic energy that hasn't really been prevalent around here since, god, maybe Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. And in fact, there are elements of that band at play here, as well as the standard Talking Heads thing, plus maybe some early Weezer and some mid-90s post-punk. When it comes down to it, though, they're in it for the hooks, and you will be too, because they are fucking huge.

Favorite NYC Venue:
We find ourselves playing Bruar Falls all the time, so that's probably our favorite these days. They put in a real sound booth, so they've worked out any sound problems they had at first, and the booking, the crowd, staff and all that have been great from the start. Brooklyn Cake Shop sounded like a great idea and it turns out it is. Shout out to the Charleston, too. They've had our back from day one.

What NYC band would you give up your spot on the list for?
We really like Quiet Loudly a lot. They combine Motown beats, scuzzy feedback and huge vocals in ways that shouldn't work at all, but end up with epic, awesome songs. They're also good men, which are hard to find.

One thing you'd like to change about being a band in NYC?
Right now, how much it costs to insure a van.

What's the biggest misconception about being in a band in NYC?
That you don't have, need, or want a day job. Most of us don't have trust funds, and some of us are even not boring jaded people.

If you could be an NYC band in any other year in history, which year would you choose?
Everyone idealizes mid-to-late 70s New York, and with some good reason, but we'd fit in better in the 20s. The Gatsby era seems like it would've been more fun than the Sid and Nancy era.

Favorite song about NYC:
When Andrew WK sings "I Love New York City" it's so heartfelt and amazing that we're sometimes convinced that we actually love New York City, too.

MiniBoone MiniBoone MiniBoone MiniBoone MiniBoone MiniBoone MiniBoone


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